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10 Years of Love and Growing

Jasmin and Darien met 10 years ago Freshman Year of College

"Ten years ago I met the love of my life and I can honestly say we haven’t gone a day without speaking ever since." - Jasmin

We've experienced so many great life events together. Graduated college, got married, both landed jobs in tech, we moved cross country from Virginia to California, and we are truly loving life.

"Best advice we’ve ever received was to always try to out love each other. It should be a daily competition."

And although we've been together for ten years and married for four years I would like to share advice to the singles:

"Not only love yourself first, but fully find who you are. What you like, dislike, things you can’t compromise on. Bring your best self to a relationship and it will blossom when your partner is doing the same."

Thank you for reading a bit of our story!

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