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A Facebook Love Story

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Dominique Wynder @757_raise and Brittnie WIlliams @joyskoncept

This love story began the summer of 2018. I was playing kickball on this day and one of my teammates now friend posted a picture of us and even though I did not look my best in the picture. Dominique was still interested, so he sent me a message on Facebook. Ever since that day I don’t think that we've spent more than three days apart.

"Fast forward to April 13, 2019 came the proposal."

What I thought was a celebration for his dad's birthday was actually an engagement party for him and I. Not only did he confess his love for me but love for my daughter also.

He asked for my hand in marriage and my daughter also received a ring.

Our wedding date is Sept 26 2020! We are beyond excited.

"When it’s your time it’s your time... God will put everything in order for you."

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