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A Greensboro Love Story

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Tyrell (Ty) Rawls and Amythest Rawls

"We envisioned having an intimate wedding in High Point, North Carolina since we met in Greensboro, North Carolina back in 2013. -@Amythest

Amythest Rawls and Tyrell (Ty) Rawls shared details from their beautiful wedding with Black Love Page. Follow them on Social media and read below: @rayeofgoldensun; @officialskyhiii; @therawlses (IG Joint Page)

BLP: Where was your wedding located? We envisioned having an intimate wedding in High Point, North Carolina since we met in Greensboro, North Carolina back in 2013. We decided to get married on our 6th anniversary on June 15th, 2019 at Villa de l’Amour. That venue was the only venue that we ever visited! We just fell in love with the intimacy vibe that place exuded and it was absolutely perfect for us! Our wedding theme was, “Vibrantly in Love”, which describes our bold yet vibrant love for each other.

BLP: How was it maintaining the wedding budget? We were firm on our wedding budget. We prioritized what was important to us like the guests’ experience (food, music, open bar) and we understood that those things were more costly and worth every cent.

BLP: Who were your wedding vendors? Coordinator: Brittany Vaughn-@bvaughnevents

Bridal Shop: Gavin Christianson Bridal-@gavinchristiansonbridal

Bridal Hair: Loc Nation-@loc_nation_nc

Makeup: Breana Bennett-@spicedfacesmua

Photographer: Ed Jones-@mr_6ft7

Videographer: Najee Johnson-@thelegalshooter

Musicians: Wasola [Saxophonist], El Lambert [Keyboardist/Vocalist]-@iamellambert, Jalen Robinson [Guitarist]-@music_ice

Catering: Vision Catering-@visionscatering

Bartender: William’s Bartending-@williamsbartending

BLP: How did you guys go about making the guest list? My husband and I knew we wanted an intimate wedding so we set our maximum number to be 125. No exceptions! Lol. At the time we got engaged, we were living in another state and most of our family were in North Carolina, but weren’t near the location where we had agreed to tie the knot. So we used WeddingWire to list our guests and we invited our dearest family and friends and their spouses/plus-ones. We emphasized that we were having an adults only affair with the exception of our nieces, that were junior bridesmaids. Hardly having any kids minimized our guest list tremendously!

BLP: Any other details that you would like to share? or any advice for future Brides? Wow! There are sooo many things I could share with engaged couples!! I would say, “To future brides, remember to take time to separate yourself from wedding planning by taking breaks. I know it’s difficult at times, but continue to go on dates with your fiancé(e), pamper yourself, and when you are planning your wedding, make sure you and your fiancé(e) agree on the decisions that make you and your fiancé(e) happy! Lastly, Pinterest/Instagram can be helpful during wedding planning, however do not constantly change your vision because you saw something mesmerizing on social media. Stick to what makes you and your fiancé(e) unique and special.”

BLP: Lastly, how is married life? Married life for us is amazing!!! I was more excited about this part of my life rather than the wedding itself. Having a life partner is such a beautiful blessing and I am ready to experience more of what life has to offer with my husband! Our relationship/dynamic hasn’t changed at all! Since we’ve been together for 6+ years, we know each other very well, but now being married, and sharing the same last name, we’re continuing to support one another, but now as husband and wife. Having that title as a part of our identity now, classifies us as an inseparable team!

This couple also started their own YouTube Channel be sure to check it out at

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