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A wedding to remember in Selma, Alabama

Tim Morgan and Shamari Cooke Morgan
"Remember that this day is about you and your future Husband and no one else. Nothing else." - Shamari

Can we talk about this beautiful wedding that recently happened in Selma, Alabama?

Meet the couple Shamari Cooke Morgan and Tim Morgan. Follow them on Instagram at @mariqc and @tob_morgan. Their wedding hashtags for the big day were #TheMorganTheMerrier and #MeetTheMorgans

Shamari: On November 09,2019 at Arts Revive Carneal in Selma, Alabama we tied the knot. We loved the rustic & artsy look of the venue with the exterior space that has a beautiful stage. Plus the sideview overlooking the Alabama River as well as the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The overall vision was to provide a romantic & intimate feeling filled with flowers and candles. BLP: How was it maintaining your budget?

Shamari: Maintaining our budget was a challenge at first but when we researched various vendors and compared their prices, we were able to stand firm with our budget. Thankfully, we did not exceed our budget.

BLP: Who were your vendors?

Wedding Planner: Brenda Cooke(mother)

Photographer: Rodriques Williams (Lyfetime Photography)

Videographer: Woodson Long

Decorator: Tyllman's Event Planning Cake: Pam's Kitchen Bartender: Rodriqus Evans Dessert: Shakela Harris DJ: Tyrone McGuffie Soloist: Eboni Holman

BLP: How was it creating the guest list?

Shamari: We made two guest lists. One guest was for close family. The second guest list was for friends. Initially, it was hard because we wanted to invite everyone but we had a cutoff of 175 people, so we had to be very careful of who to include on our special day.

Shamari: Everything went very smoothly on our day. We were worried about the weather but it turned out nice and sunny. Advice for future Brides, enjoy every moment even the stressful moments.

BLP: How is life now that the wedding is over?

Shamari: It's officially been 13 days! I am glad everything is over and I am enjoying my Husband. We are best friends and I'm thankful that God blessed me with a loving, supportive, and God-fearing Husband.

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