Anthony and Altrichia Cook Wilcox all white wedding

We sat down with Anthony and Altricia Cook Wilcox to share details from their big day. On August 18, 2018 this couple took our breath away.

"This day is about YOU and THE GROOM! Your tribe and everyone a part of your process should uplift and encourage."- Altrichia

BLP: Where was the wedding? and how did you guys go about making the selection? We loved our venue! It was modern and spacious! It is located in Haines City, FL. We chose this venue because it aligned with the vision we had for our wedding day experience! We successfully accomplished that!

BLP: How was it maintaining the budget? We maintained our budget! Uniquely, we partnered with some of our favorite brands, including SAMs Club to execute influencer collaborations on our wedding day! We were honored to partner with household brands and create a wedding experience and our BEST DAY EVER!

BLP: Who were your vendors? Wedding Designer & Florist - Royal Events & Services @RoyalEventsAnsServices They were the BEST! We were so blessed to have chosen them to help bring our vision to life! They are a team of professional event designers that provided optimum customer service and we were truly pleased!

BLP: How did you guys go about making the guest list. Did that work out smoothly? My! My! My! Our love story has so much history and throughout our story, so many people have played a role. It was tough when making the list, but in the end, it was about us!

A photo from their engagement photo shoot

BLP: Lastly, How is married life? Married life is blissful! Truly! We have so much fun and we often reflect on our wedding day experience. We also have learned that we won’t always agree, but it’s when we talk thru and quickly apologize and forgive that makes our marriage amazing! We love each other and we are truly one another’s best friends!! If I’m gone to the store too long, I get a call with him asking “How much longer, bae?”

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