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Celebrity Event Designer & Planner Shares Tips!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Meet Kisha A. Barner! Designer and Planner for Devale and Khadeen's upcoming Vow Renewal!

With 13 years in business we are honored to shine the spotlight on Kisha of K. Barner Events!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kisha A. Barner of K. Barner Events. This interview is a true testament of never giving and following your dreams.

BLP: How did you get started in the event/ wedding industry?

Kisha: Fresh out of college, I was promoted from a Supervisor position to Regional Coordinator. I was in charge of floral in 13 stores throughout NJ, NY, and CT. I made great money and I really loved my job and learned a lot. Then, a couple years in, there was a switch in management and he made my life miserable. I refused to live unhappy. That then led me to have a conversation with my husband about changing my career. My husband inspired me to look into wedding and event planning. We were engaged and I was enjoying planning our wedding, just as I had enjoyed planning little things for family and friends. I applied for an online school for the industry of event/wedding planning. I quit my job cold turkey and started my company. It was a true leap of faith. Things were really hard, but looking back, I am happy I did it.

BLP: Can you recall your most challenging wedding/event where something didn't go smoothly?

Kisha: Well, there was one where the limo broke down on the way to the reception, which was over an hour away. That was fun haha. The one that still takes the cake for me though was with The Alba Wedding. An hour and a half before the ballroom was going to open, three of their really unique chandelier centerpieces just fell over and broke. I swear it was like a ghost came and pushed it over. It still doesn’t make sense. In a split second I called the company that had brought in the centerpieces (it wasn’t the florist) and got new ones there in an hour. That was a miracle from God because the venue was in NJ and the place was in NY and there was traffic. The florist got the flowers on the new pieces quickly. I promise you, the couple walked in 3 minutes after the new centerpieces were on the table. They didn’t find out a thing until their gender reveal party last year.

"Every couple deserves to celebrate their love in the most dope, trendsetting, “uniquely theirs” celebration, and that’s what K. Barner Events delivers.
You are our “why”!"

BLP: Advice for newly engaged couples?

Kisha: This is an exciting time for you both. (Congratulations on your engagement!) Hire a Planner is definitely one suggestion, but my biggest piece of advice for you is to first figure out your budget and number of expected guests. They go hand in hand. So many couples head out and book the venue they love without considering the other things that still need to be booked/purchased. I know you’re excited and you want to lock your date and place in. Trust me, I get it, but if you don’t have a budget mapped out, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. You don’t have a realistic budget with 75% of your budget going towards the venue. I speak to so many couples who have their venue booked (and sometimes other vendors), I ask what their budget is and they say, “I’m not sure.” That’s not because they’re Rihanna and can get whatever they want either, it’s because they never really thought about it. Once you have your budget figured out, you can make wise decisions from there.

BLP: Any new projects on the way?

Kisha: Well, I’m not sure if many have heard, but I am Khadeen and Devale’s Event Designer and Planner for their upcoming Vow Renewal! It’s a real honor to work with them. What you see on their social media pages is truly a great snippet into their love. It’s beautiful, real, and dope to witness up close. I actually met Khadeen back in 2014 when we worked together. She was the Makeup Artist for one of our Brides. We spoke a little here and there over the years, as I would inquire about her services for other clients. I followed her and Devale online and watched them evolve into where they are now. At this point in my career, after 13 years of working on my craft and improving year after year, this blessing came to me and my Team at the perfect time.

Outside of planning weddings and events, I am also planning to launch a Mentorship program for other aspiring Planners. Getting into the industry and navigating can be tough without guidance.

BLP: What advice would you give to Brides and Grooms who had to/may have to change their wedding plans because of COVID-19?

Kisha: I’m sorry that this is happening right now, when it’s your time! It sucks! Next, don’t cancel anything… postpone it! You put all that money out and you still have that same dream in your heart. Don’t let go of it! It will happen, just not right now. When it does, it will be even better because you’ll have more to celebrate! Get on the same page with your venue and vendors to pick a new date. Find one that works for your vendors and be prepared to be a bit flexible. When your original date rolls around, celebrate! Don’t spend the day being down. Get dressed up, cook, drink, dance, write “pre-wedding” vows and read them to each other. Dream about what’s to come, because it will happen!

BLP: What if someone asked you, “Why should I choose Kisha A. Barner of K. Barner Events?”, how would you answer that?

Kisha: If you’re looking for a professional company that genuinely cares about your planning experience and cares about creating a GORGEOUS, UNIQUE wedding/event JUST FOR YOU, while staying on top of your ass (as Khadeen says), and having fun while planning the most important day of your life, you need to invest in hiring KBE! Of course, there’s the typical reasons like, we can save you money through our vendor relationships, take care of everything on the day, etc. However, the core of the matter is we genuinely care about you, your day, your memories, and not giving you the same design our other client had last week. That’s why you should choose Kisha A. Barner and the K. Barner Events Team.

My final words are this:
"Don’t ever forget your wedding is about celebrating YOUR LOVE. Your day should be filled with joy, love, and laughter. Make sure everyone you select to be a part of your day, from your Wedding Party to your vendors, contributes just that."

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