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College Sweethearts Celebrated 17 Years of Marriage

"No two people are perfect, therefore no relationship is. Forget what you “thought” love would be."

We graduated college, went off to graduate school, and then began working. Then we started a family. We have been each other’s support system through many life changes. We had to experience our oldest child endure a bone marrow transplant where our youngest son was his donor and our youngest child/daughter has had many health complications. We’ve continued to be the peace for one another.

Even during quarantine we’ve been stronger and more loving than ever. Over the years many have tried to advise that we aren’t meant for each other, however, we’ve always strongly believed that what God puts together stays together. Whatever life’s brought us to, together we’d get through! We’ve vowed always to be each other’s forever!

Laughter and keeping our relationship’s business to ourselves has propelled our relationship in recent years. Each night I’m excited to slumber knowing his smile is what I get to awaken to and each day my husband makes me feel like I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to him. There’s overwhelming comfort when: a soft and affectionate touch is extended when we pass each other within our home. Eye contact still makes your heart flutter, and a kiss to the neck fuels the same fire today as it did 23 years’s a burning love I never want to see burn out!

Thank you for reading a bit of our story!

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