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COVID-19 Canceled Their Wedding!

Imagine dreaming and planning your special day and then BOOM a virus breaks out that requires social distancing and being encouraged to stay home.

This article is to acknowledge that although we are all experiencing the impacts of The Coronavirus there are some couples who had to actually cancel their wedding! Yep you read that right! Meet this beautiful couple below Taron and Andrea. Their wedding has been canceled, but the marriage will still go on!

Taron and Andrea

BLP: Please tell us more about how did the cancelation of the wedding come about?:

Taron: On March 15,2020 (15 days before our wedding) we got the news that our wedding has officially been cancelled! Our governor instructed us to have the occupancy of no more than 100 people in a close proximity, the next day that number turned to 50, then 10.We both put a lot of time, energy, and planning into this wedding.It was a blow to everyone including the guest who have made arrangements for the occasion.

Unfortunately, yes we lost out on a lot of money due to this incident being so close to the wedding.It was a big blow but after a few hours of reflection we both remembered that the Corona virus won’t stop the marriage. It won’t stop the joy of me knowing that I will still marry my life partner on March 29th. It won’t stop black love. We are thankful!

BLP: Can we get more background information on your emotions?

Taron: After almost two years of planning our wedding we were devastated that we had to cancel due to this unexpected world wide health concern. The Corona Virus pandemic.

Our wedding date was scheduled to be on March 29,2020 in Hampton, Virginia.

When we first received the news about the Corona virus it all started off as possibilities, rumors, & what could be.

On top of that close to everything has already been planned and paid for. The closer we got the more we would hear about the POSSIBILITY of everyone needing to quarantine.

We’ve stayed in good communication with all of our vendors & there were NO thoughts or plans to cancel. At that time we could do nothing but continue to get ready for our wedding & play the waiting game.

"No wedding, No problem! We are STILL getting married!"

Article Written By: Hey Francoise

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