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Divorcing the Court, Marrying the new, Let’s see what a unique perspective can do!

Isn’t it amazing how life comes full circle?

Judge Faith Jenkins officially tied the knot to singer Kenny Lattimore, whose music she has known since college. In an Instagram post, the stunning bride spoke about how her new lover exceeded her expectations from day one. Although the couple didn’t initially have sparks flying on the first date, they eventually found a way into each other’s hearts and dedicated themselves to one another in a beautiful wedding ceremony this past weekend!

Judge Faith showed us that she is not only capable of making decisions on the bench but also in her personal life. She remained true to herself, refused to settle and kept her standards up even when people said they were too high! Tuh!

That type of dedication led her to her soulmate and we are here for it! You go girl!

ORDER IN THE COURT *slams gavel*

Round of applause for “Divorce Court” holding the record for the longest-running court show of all time! Judge Faith started watching “Divorce Court” in law school and will now be joining the show replacing the legendary, Judge Toler, who has presided over the show since 2006! Talk about full circle again?! She watched it and now she’s on it!

We look forward to seeing a brand new and unique perspective especially since it wasn’t too long ago that Judge Faith was out here just like you and I, dating in the world of social media and technology! With her personal experience, legal expertise in both civil and criminal law, and her being no stranger to TV, we already know she is equipped with the tools to get these divorce couples right on together!

P.S. Maybe we can get a surprise performance from Kenny Lattimore when court is in recess one day *crosses fingers*

Written By: Jasmine Jackson

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