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Donald and Tiffanny Schuler beautiful wedding in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

"Married life is freaking amazing! My husband and I have a God first marriage. We have a motto to always out serve one another so there will never be any lack. We understand that we are not always going to agree, but we have to communicate our feelings effectively." - Tiffanny

BLP had the amazing pleasure of getting some great wedding details from this lovely couple.

Donald and Tiffanny Schuler.

BLP: Please share details about your venue. Where was it located? and how did you go about making your selection? Was it the overall vision, or maybe something else?

Our wedding venue was called Celebration in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Our Wedding theme was Royalty therefore I was looking for a grand staircase and large chandeliers. I also wanted to make sure outside of the venue was picturesque. We had a large water fountain and a gated gazebo.

A stunning photo from the big day

BLP: How was it maintaining your budget? Were you firm with your budget? Or did you exceed your budget?

I was very very firm on the budget. I wanted to capture my vision on a nice friendly budget. Google became my friend as i made sure I received pricing from multiple vendors. I also also negotiated certain packages to ensure i stayed on budget.

BLP: Who were your wedding vendors?

I organized and planned our entire wedding myself therefore I only have my amazing photographer and DJ to shout out. @photorayexperience & @bookdjnellz

BLP: The guest list. How did you guys go about making the guest list. Did that work out smoothly? The guest list was formulated based on the budget. It was extremely hard to narrow down the list as my husband has a huge family. In the end we were able to split the list in half and truly identify who is important and has been active in our lives now vs back then.

BLP: Any other details that you would like to share? Final words or advice for future Brides?

My advice to future brides would be to be extremely organized. Have fun putting together your theme, colors and details of the wedding. Plan early so when the date gets closers you will not have to stress over the little things. Be sure to ask for help and don’t feel overwhelmed with task. Bridesmaids are there for a reason. Most importantly don’t forget to love on your future husband and keep him in the loop so it can feel like you pulled the wedding of your dreams together.

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