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A Cape Town Destination Wedding

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Jamar and Stephanie Dobson

We sat down with this amazing couple to get the inside scoop about their Cape Town Destination Wedding. What makes this story especially unique is that the groom (Jamar Dobson) planned out the entire wedding.

I visited Cape Town five years prior to our wedding. I fell in love with its beauty and charm. I did not know Stephanie at the time. “I literally said to myself... When I get married, I'm coming back!” Five years later it happened. - Jamar

Jamar shares: Typically the wedding is a stressful time for the bride. Although I made no final decisions without her consent.I made it my mission to cover all cost and planning with the exception of her attire. My goal was to keep our day as magical and stress less as possible for her.

BLP: How was it maintaining your budget? Were you firm with your budget? Or did you exceed your budget?

Maintaining the budget was not difficult.The budget was slightly exceeded, but everything was planned out and very organized.

BLP: How did you guys go about making the guest list? Did that work out smoothly? We opened the invite to very close family and friends, however due to the distance of the destination we had a very intimate wedding with a party size of 15.

BLP: Who were your wedding vendors?

On Social media their handles are @greglumley - photography and @fjsproductions-video

BLP: Lastly, How is married life?

Married Life is great. Having someone to navigate life with is amazing. We are a blended family and we are currently expecting. Being parents our life is always revolving around our kids. We have found the importance in carving out time for us.

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