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Family Travel Goals!

These parents decided to give their children the gift of suitcases, road trips, and passport stamps!

James, Kennedy, Jordyn, Monet

Meet The Hambricks! They are truly a traveling family. Be sure to follow them on social media @TheTravelingChild and be sure to subscribe to

"We want to see more black families traveling the world." - Monet

Their two daughters Kennedy (3) and Jordyn (5) have been to six continents, twenty two countries, and twelve states.

one word comes to mind when we think about the priceless gift of traveling that these parents are giving their girls, AMAZING!

Their page is all about inspiring people to travel the world while providing tips to make it easier.

They provide free information on planning affordable vacations as well as posting flight deals. Most recently they took a trip to Morocco round trip $408 from Miami.

On Instagram story you can catch these deals and updates real time.

Did we also mention the diversity in which they travel? From cruising to RVing to camping to domestic and international travel they’ve got you covered on all the tips you could need whether you’re traveling with or without your kids.


Please be sure to subscribe to and stay tuned for more articles!

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