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Love After Pain

Nia & Chris @fumnanya96 @tgodboy95

Here goes a blog for inspiration.

Nia shares a snippet of her love story.

After being in a bad relationship I took the time to focus on me. Never thinking at that moment and time I would run into the man of my dreams. It started with a “How are you?” gently spoken from a king. This man became my best friend in such a short time. The connection we had was like no other. This man helps me grow each and every day. His love and his strength is like no man I have ran into. We work as one and as one we love. He helps me with my weaknesses as I help him. I’m so thankful for this gift I was given and I promise to love cherish and respect this wonderful black man. My advice to anyone who is currently single, is to not rush love. Do not rush love because love will come to you unexpectedly. As you are single focus on yourself and a true connection will come in due time.

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