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Love built on a solid foundation

We are delighted to share with our Black Love community the love story of Tremayne Higgins and Taylor Parker.

Tremayne Higgins (@_trey1914) and Taylor Parker (@taypeezy)
"It’s all about the 3 C’s: Communicate, Consistency and Compromise."- Tremayne

BLP: How did you and your spouse meet?

Tremayne: Taylor and I met the summer of 2010 in Charlotte, NC working at a summer literacy program called Freedom Schools. Freedom school is national program founded by Marian Wright Edelman during the Civil Rights Movement, Summer ‘64. The Story began one night at national training at the University of Tennessee. Two of our friends were planning to meet outside the dorms and asked us to come along. Taylor and I didn’t know each other at the time and was only going out there to play third and fourth wheel. My boy and I went outside to meet them and when they finally got out there the only thought in my head was she’s beautiful. The conversation was small talk and cut short. The next day, I was going to meet up with some friends in a room and when I got there I heard crying. Walked in and it was Taylor. I already knew it had to be over a guy. So me being me, I told her whoever it is that’s making you cry don’t deserve someone like you and that she could do better. We became just friends after that.

BLP: Wow, that is such an authentic way to meet someone. So what happened next?

Tremayne: The summer was over and she was headed back to college in Greensboro and I had just graduated and decided to stay in Charlotte. She would come home from time to time and I would make trips up to UNCG to see her. Things started to get a little more serious between us the next summer and decided to give a relationship a try. Ups and downs and breakup arose. We just wasn’t ready to be in a relationship so we let it go and remained friends. Years later when Taylor graduated from grad school in NC State and moved back home to Charlotte the friendship grew stronger and we decided to give it another try. We both had to mature and center God in our relationship. Nothing but blessing came from doing so.

I decided the time was right and on December 22nd, 2018 I proposed to her at our annual house Christmas Party in front of family and friends. Our wedding date is set for July 11th, 2020.

BLP: What advice would you like to share with singles?

Make sure that you are really ready to settle down and fully commit. It’s all about the 3 C’s: Communicate, Consistency and Compromise. Don’t give up when the going gets tough. Pray, re-evaluate and adjust.

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