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Love when you least expect it

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

"Be patient! Do not rush it and enjoy your unique journey because the love of your life will come when you least expect it!"

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Shay where she opened up about her unique love story.

BLP: How did your love story begin with Wendell?

Shay: It literally went down in the DMs with help from our mutual friends!

I caught Wendell's eye while he was scrolling through our mutual friend's, Scott, Instagram story. I was honestly being "A Hot Girl" by that I mean I was having a fun time while on vacation. With that being said when Wendell initially approached me through "sliding in my DMs".

The direct message definitely didn't win me over at first!

However, Scott called me a few days later hyping him up and then another mutual friend, Alex, messaged me telling me how great Wendell was also! I was still a little weary, but with two people already rooting for him, I thought to myself why not?

"Fast forward to our first date! It lasted for 8 hours!"

which was way longer than we both expected! We honestly clicked immediately. He also let me drag him through the mall for hours which definitely won him major cool points!

After the first date, we spoke on the phone every day, all day, and the rest was history!

BLP: What happened next from there?

Shay: After the 8 hour first date. The next time I came down to Florida to visit my mom, we agreed to go on a second date, then immediately the 3rd the next day and the 4th the day after that.

"We are engaged, we are in love, and we are excited to embark on our forever journey!"

Article Written By: Hey Francoise Follow Me: Instagram Twitter

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