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Middle School Love Story

They met when they were kids, lost touch, and then reconnected 10 years later. It was like love at first sight AGAIN!

Jennifer and Napoleon Dunbar
"We wouldn’t change a thing about our love story because we have dated enough people within those 10 years apart to know that we are ready to spend forever with each other."

Here is their story, Jennifer shares: My husband and I got married March 6, 2020.

We are middle school lovers. We started dating at 14 years old in 2007.

Here are more details. I grew up in a Haitian household and they were very strict with me.

Therefore, I wasn’t allowed to date. I had just moved into a new town. I was living with my grandparents.

I moved in with my grandparents the summer of ‘07.

First day of school I got on the bus and sat by this girl I met during the summer. Then the bus picked him up from the community up the street from mine. He got on the bus and I thought to myself he looked so good. He was very shy. Fast forward to one day after school he was sitting by himself listening to music.

I got up and sat by him, took one earbud out and as I was putting it in my ear I said “what are you listening to?” And he said “ 2Pac.” From then on we started talking. We were talking for about a month and he still hadn’t asked me out. I told my friends I’m going to ask him out. Before our bus came they walked down and asked him out for me. They came back and told me he said yes. When he got on the bus he sat right beside me. I explained to him I can’t have a boyfriend so we could only see each other at school. So you can’t miss any school days. I did pretty good keeping it a secret till something happened one weekend and my cousin told my grandma I had a boyfriend. In addition around that time I was in trouble at the time for something else. So them finding out that I had a boyfriend made it worse.

After the school year I was sent to go live in Connecticut with One of my aunts. Napoleon and I secretly stayed in touched during that time. I would call him every so often and then eventually life went on.

One day I started getting a lot of friend requests on all of my social media platforms and they were all from him. We exchanged phone numbers, and we instantly became best friends.

Fast forward to 2019 one day we were texting and I came out and wrote “OMG best friend one day we will be parents!” Then he came out and said “I want it to be with you.”

We started back dating again. Then I booked a flight a month later to go see him in California (where he is stationed). Mind you we haven’t seen each other in person in almost 10 years. When we saw each other it was like love at first sight again!

Now here we are! Almost two years later and married.

"Be yourself because your soulmate is going to love you for who you are. Flaws and all."

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