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No Matter The Distance, True Love Will Always Prevail

Desmond got into an International Business MBA program that took him away to China for 2 years.

Before leaving Desmond knew that he wanted to marry his then girlfriend Fanecia before his departure.

They got married before he left and spent the first 18 months of their marriage apart.

Desmond and Fanecia Wiggan
"We fought through that very tough time and came back to normality when I returned back to the states from China. We ended up having an actual wedding and celebration."

- Desmond Wiggan

Here goes an interesting fact, we met through mutual friends. One of my best friends went to undergrad with her, and that was really what helped to connect us.

Fast forward to now they're happily married, survived the long distance, and are now expecting their first child. Their families are excited on both sides! This is the first time in a long time that their families will get to enjoy having a new addition. Due to Covid 19 they had to virtually celebrate their gender reveal which was planned for March 28th. Thanks to technology they were able to use zoom. That way they were able to have all of their friends and family from around the country tune in as they announced their new addition to the family.

"As you grow in your relationship keep God at the forefront of your relationship.
Align your decisions, feelings and actions to his will and everything will always work out!"

- Desmond Wiggan

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