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Shooting His Shot!

When it comes to “shooting his shot” Omar Epps, didn’t hesitate to do so with his wife, Keisha. The American actor is known for his iconic film roles in Love and Basketball, The Wood, Juice, Higher Learning and many more. Epps began dating Keisha Spivey (at the time) in 1999. Spivey was a member of the 90’s R&B group Total. “I’ve known Kesh since I was 18. We’ve had a great friendship.,” Epps stated in an interview on the Wendy Williams Show.

“Relationships have to be a dialogue. It can’t be a monologue.” - Omar Epps

“We took [breaking up] off of the table. That’s not an option. It just changes the way you function in a relationship." - Omar Epps

As time progressed Omar and Keisha grew as one. During an interview on the Angie Martinez Show, Omar stated, “There was a point where I didn’t think I was ever going to be married. I didn’t know what it was going to be, but I just followed my heart.” He later went on to say, “Me and wifey always had a very special unique connection. So, for me it was a no brainer. It was a natural thing.” Martinez then went on to ask Epps to explain the key to his marriage. Epps responded, “We took [breaking up] off of the table. That’s not an option. It just changes the way you function in a relationship. When you get to the turbulence part, it changes how we deal with one another. If you take that option off of the table, a lot of situations that might have been an argument are now a conversation.”

I still crush on my husband like I did when I first met him. - Keisha Epps

Next to music, Omar Epps has been the love of Keisha's life. She took to her instagram page and mentioned that she met her husband 2 months after the movie Juice was released. She doesn't consider them meeting as "luck" but more so a true blessing. When describing her love for Omar Keisha writes, "Then there’s the kind of LOVE that you experience & endure through the different seasons & the highs and lows they bring. That LOVE is for a lifetime. do get better because you over stand the purpose of divinity.”

Omar furthered his talents beyond being in front of the camera and began writing. He now authors the book From Fatherless to Fatherhood. When asked what inspired Epps to write the book he stated, “I want to help try to shift and try to change the narrative on fatherhood when it comes to our community.” He credits his wife’s love and support for being the backbone for his family and his motivation to push beyond his wildest dreams. The couple have now been married for 13+ years and have three children; Aiyanna Epps, Amir Epps, and K’mari Mae Epps.

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Written By: Taylor Reeanna

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