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Tracy and Gamin heartfelt Savannah, Georgia wedding

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Tracy G Williams and Gamin Williams

"We start each day asking God to be in front, beside, and behind us as we move forward. and we define daily what married life means for us. Being careful to avoid predefined roles."- @Tracy

BLP: Where was your wedding? It was important for us to have a wedding that exemplified us and how we live our lives daily. That meant making it as practical, comfortable, rustic modern as possible. We wanted a feel that took us away from our everyday environment without actually having to travel far. We chose Savannah, Georgia because of the proximity (able to carry items for the wedding - Remember that Brides when planning as those costs add up to ship/hold at the venue!) and I was a huge fan of the Spanish moss and the old trolleys.

BLP: How was it maintaining your budget? We went into it a little naive but when we signed on with our wedding planner she set expectations up front before we moved any further. We were able to revise the estimate and work within the new budget. There were so many things on the checklist we went through and removed simply because it didn’t fit with our taste/style. Perfect example - I’m not a huge fan of flowers so we decided to have the bridesmaids carry a clutch to match the jumpsuit and they can wear both again. It also removed a chunk of the cost as a plus.

BLP: Who were your vendors? We were fortunate enough to have great support in bringing our ideas to life. From our planner who worked around my hectic schedule and had calls sometimes at 11/12am to my hairstylist who was planning her own wedding and showed me the style of shoes she was wearing because it went well with my dress (not many women will do that!)

Planner: Mahalia Hair: Jennifer @iamjennifernicole Photographer: Mecca @meccagamble DJ: Jacky @djcanal718 MUA: Shafonn @shafonmonae.slays Dress: @bridalreflectionsny Sleeves: @avecgraceevents Suit: Omar @bespokuture Florals: @katofloraldesigns Cake: @wickedcakesofsavannah

Tracy and her tribe in their all white

BLP: How did you guys go about making the guest list? The guest list wasn’t difficult to develop. Since it was a travel wedding, we casted a broad net (knowing realistically who was actually going to attend) and it worked itself out. The difficulty was getting the guests to Savannah as there was a hurricane off the coast during the week of the wedding. But prayer works and the storm never touched Savannah.

BLP: Any other details that you would like to share? Advice for Brides? Communicate with your spouse and do what works for you as a couple. It’s ok to take suggestions into consideration but ultimately make a decision the two of you are happy with. From my experience, a Guyanese girl from NYC planning a Catholic wedding and a Baptist groom from Atlanta - there was bound to be a difference of opinion. Whatever you choose to do, make sure there is meaning behind it and you each know what you will/will not compromise on. I was very fortunate to have a husband who understood how important it was for me to be married in a Church and while It didn’t make a difference to him, he knew it was important to me and went through all of the premarital trainings to get us to the altar.

Tracy Gomes Williams and Gamin Williams

How is married life? (If married less than 6 months then how do you feel now that the wedding itself is over?) We are only a year in so still figuring it out however, married life is very similar to when we were engaged. We continue to build together and continue to maintain our individuality as well. We start each day asking God to be in front, besides and behind us as we move forward and we define daily what married life means for us - being careful to avoid predefined roles.

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