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When Prayer and True Love collide

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Vernell Hill and Ashley Hill

We love receiving nontraditional love stories. We had the pleasure of having Ashley Hill share her love story.

"Our connection was truly divine."

Ashley Hill: We met at a 24 Hour Fitness in 2015. I was on the stair master and I saw him walking by with a huge smile on his face. And I asked myself “why is this man cheesing like this?” I got off the stair master and I went to work on my abs. He came over introduced himself and we exchanged numbers. I had later found out that he had a dream a couple weeks before we met and in the dream was a woman who looked like me, holding a sign in church that said “Wife.” Normally my now-husband wouldn’t approach women like that in the gym but because of that dream, he opened his eyes more to others around him and when he saw me, he said “she’s the woman in my dream.” That was the reason why he was cheesing so hard.

Always time for a selfie! Ashley and Vernell Hill

We went on our first date to the movies and he was a little late because of work so I declined the movie and thought we should sit in the car and talk instead. So we did. The conversation got really heavy. He was being so honest and expressing himself in ways that I was never used to before. He was vulnerable. And I have to admit, that kind of scared me. Not only that but he had told me that he had a daughter and her name was I’munique...which completely shook me. When I was in high school I told my mom, my high school best friend, and my sister that my daughter’s name would be Aumunique (pronounced the same but how I would’ve spelled it). They laughed and thought it was silly. But I was convinced...I thought it was the best name in the world for my daughter. And so when he told me that I was like wow...what are the odds?! Because the name really isn’t common. Anyways, at that time he was also more spiritually mature than me and so there was a lot I didn’t understand in the conversation and felt that it was too heavy. After that date, we Simply stopped talking to each other. He knew the conversation was heavy and he said that when I got out of his car that night he prayed to God saying “God if she’s my wife...she will come back.” I didn’t come back for 2 years. We didn’t end on bad terms or anything and remained friends on Facebook. Throughout the two years I saw him here and there on Facebook. About a year had gone by and I used to work at a county office and I was at work in the office one day (I’m usually out in the field seeing clients) and I hear over the intercom: “We have guests in the break room serving you all breakfast.” And I was all excited because breakfast is my FAVORITE food. So I go to the break room and low and behold! It’s him and his church doing outreach in the community and they happened to choose my job to serve breakfast at. Again, what are the odds?! We said hi and engaged in small talk but we didn’t reconnect then. Another year had passed and I saw one of his stories on Facebook of him running and giving an inspirational speech. I responded to his story and he invited me out to his bootcamp. He is a business owner and has a fitness company called Llex Conglomerate. I went and was very attracted to him....How he was exuding in purpose...everything about him..his looks and everything. I had never been to a bootcamp that integrated faith and exercise. It was as if a switch flipped in my heart. My heart was open and I knew it was God.

I honestly wasn’t ready for him two years prior and needed those 2 years for God to work on me. And he wasn’t ready for me. During those years I went to therapy, went on mission trips, worked on my relationship with God, and served in church. We were both working on ourselves, focusing on God, and our purpose. We’ve been inseparable since his bootcamp. And now it’s history. We are Now married.

BLP: Advice that you would like to share with singles? Ashley Hill: Don’t focus so much on being single. Enjoy your season of singleness...and focus on Jesus. Our story is already written. We must be patient and rely on him for all our needs during our singleness. Honestly, it not always easy, but Jesus knows best and has best for each and everyone of us.

BLP: Thank you for sharing your love story! This was very inspiring.

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