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When shooting your shot goes right!

Leo and Kayontae Williams do not have your typical love story and we love it!

Leo & Kayontae Williams @yontaern/@rus_will

Kayontae Williams writes: Leo and I first saw each other in WalMart. I was doing some shopping in work out gear, cap, and no make up. I saw him talking to someone and we both locked eyes! but we both continued on. I was thinking to myself how fine he was and I was looking a mess. We ended up checking out at the same time in separate lanes. Once I was done, I started walking out the store really slow hoping he would approach me. We kept looking at each other while checking out so I figured he would.. but he didn’t. I walked extremely slow to my car.. but nothing. I lived in the apartment complex right behind the Walmart at time time, so as I’m pulling into the gate, I looked behind me and he was in the car behind me on the phone. I knew he wasn’t following me.. I was like omg he lives here too. I pulled through the gate and stopped my car.

As he pulled through, I flagged him to come around. He pulled next to my car.. still on the phone and put his window down. I asked, “Excuse me, are you single??” He put the phone down and said, “Very!’ We exchanged numbers and went on our first date shortly after.

We never parted after that. Crazy thing is neither one of us was looking for a relationship at the time... God had something more in store for us. I always say he knew I was the one without realizing because when I flagged him down and asked his name. He then replied and told me "Leo" which is his real name, but typically he would've shared his nick name. Everyone calls him and knows him by his nickname Rusty, so that was also a sign.

"Keep believing that you deserve love and that you will have it. Never give up on yourself or love. You just have to kiss a few frogs first."

We dated for 2 years and were living together by the time we became engaged. We had just moved into our new home and it was Leo’s Birthday. We decided to have a house warming/ birthday gathering. To my surprise, it turned out to be a surprise for me. It was a perfect day surrounded by family and friends.

We married a little over a year after being engaged. We married in New Orleans on October 19, 2019. I thought 10-19-19 sounded good lol. Our wedding was magical and filled with happiness and love. I must say it was the absolute best day of my life.. and he says the same. We want to go back and relive it lol. Though our wedding was like a fairytale, we know the most important thing is our union and we know that isn’t always easy.. the wedding was the easy part.

As I said in my vows, I have a man who’s shown me he is willing to stick it out because he feels we are worth it.. that I’m worth it... and I feel the exact same about him.

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