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You Can Show Affection and Keep It Affordable

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

So Valentine's Day is around the corner, but I am sure you knew that since it started turning pink and red right after Christmas. Love and chocolate covered strawberries are gliding through the air. Almost time for those overly stuffed Teddy Bears and Edible Arrangements showing up at the office that scream “I Love You”. Yes, Valentine's Day ‘tis the season to celebrate your love for that special person...which is great.

But the love that you have for that special person does not need to break the bank. First can I just say that Valentine's Day is one day, of many that we as humans get to show our love for one another. Although it is plastered on the calendar for an all day pink and red fest, the day should be a reminder for the love you have already been blessed with. But, as a hopeless romantic myself I understand the desire, to want to make the day special while also staying in the budget. Here are some Valentines Day activities and gifts that will be memorable and equally affordable:

  1. Creating a photo album of memorable events and leaving open space for your partner to put in future events.

  2. Create your own cooking experience and cook with your partner.

  3. Scavenger hunt

  4. Create handwritten letters

  5. Take a dance class

  6. Stay at home movie night

  7. Go to local free events such as (Art Museum)

  8. Bake cookies and cake at home

  9. Stay at-home spa night

  10. Pajama party and game night

Try these activities and gifts out and you may find that these memory building moments can be just as fun without breaking the bank. For Christmas, I actually did a photo album, and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite gifts to give that season.

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